An incredible 24 hours for Jumeirah Gaels star Peter Acheson culminated with victory in the Men’s Final of Round 2 of The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce Middles East League on Saturday evening.

Acheson, a former Tipperary footballer, looked unlikely to make it to Sharjah after his wife, Roisin, went into labour in the early hours of Saturday morning, with Ellie Rose arriving into the world a few hours later.

Thankfully for Jumeirah Gaels, Roisin released Acheson for a few hours to help his side win the tournament, beating Dubai Celts, Abu Dhabi Na Fianna and Sharjah Gaels along the way.

We caught up with Peter shortly after the final whistle before he dashed back to his wife and daughter to finish off an incredible day for the Acheson family!